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Adult membership CMS made simple & easy to update.Did you know that one of the most successful businesses online is building adult membership sites?
You need your own adult membership CMS in order to generate real income!

The online adult industry generates $5 billion each year worldwide, and 1 in 4 search queries are adult related.

Why not participate in one of the most profitable business online?
You can be one of the owners of a new high-revenue paysite and say hello to high conversion rates and an increased income.
But how does one actually develop a membership site? You will be happy to know that you don’t need to worry about building, or getting the proper technical infrastructure for this because PornCMS is made easy for you. Having your own adult membership CMS will enable to create & update a professional looking adult website within 1 or 2 weeks, WITHOUT sharing any of the profits of the website with a 3rd party . Yes, all the revenue generated by the website is totally yours. Say good by to 60/40 shares and things like that, it’s time to control your own website and make your own money. Thanks to the technology & software available nowadays , you can now manage your own membership site.

Adult Membership CMS made easy and affordable

There are a bunch of adult membership CMS avialable the internet, which will become a challenge to pick the one right for you. With a shortlist of criteria, you will be able to learn that PornCMS is the best solution. Here are some of features and benefits of building an adult paysite with an adult membership CMS powered PornCMS:

  • Unique and premium layout design. You can show off a professional unique and premium layout design. Any layout design you have in mind can be implemented in the system. is the premium provider for adult design with more than 1k websites designed since 2004.
  • No need for previous webmaster skills to run an adult membership website , you will learn how to manage the site within of couple of hours.
  • Complete CMS system—with photos and videos—for you to manage. This adult membership CMS will provide everything in the system for you to manage, day in day out. Photos and videos can easily be updated and uploaded, edit texts within the site, member alerts, etc.
  • Bulk photos and videos upload. You will be able to develop an adult membership website that allows bulk upload of photos and videos. Thus, you can get everything live in just one click or touch on the mouse.
  • Automatic zip files resizing & thumbnailing of the photos. No more one by one size changing of the photos for upload, the CMS will automatically change them for you.
  • Calendar and Events. The site comes with everything you need, including a calendar that you can easily update with any future event you would like to inform to your audience.
  • Blog. Update & Create your own blog posts to engage your audience and expand your social media.
  • Manage members. You will also be provided with the necessary tools to manage the members on the site.
  • Webcam features (optional and at additional rates)
    – plug and play webcam broadcasting on any website
    – multiple cam model logins
    – remote rtmp connections allowed
    – low cost and easy setup
  • Detailed Stats. Manage all your members and visitor stats with the detailed statistics tools that PornCMS provides.
  • Superb technical support. the sites got your back with their “around the clock” technical support.
  • Manage different payment gateways including : Credit Cards ,Bitcoins and SMS

You can see more features in detail here.

Building an adult website wasn’t as simple simple and fast as it is today, so the next thing you have to think of is how to get traffic to your website.


One of the most important thing for an adult site owner to learn is how to do online marketing and social networking. These are crucial for the success of the site. There are many solo models and couples that have very basic sites, homemade content, and do $5-20k a month in sales simply by being online pushing their site every day. You need to use Twitter, Facebook, cam sites, tube sites, boards, etc and get the word out about your site. If you do that, success is almost guaranteed.

Here are some basic guidelines for a good social media marketing strategy:

  • Make Connections, share content and the follow-up conversations that lead to real engagement
  • Tease surfers with content previews
  • Offer discounts or exclusives if people Re-tweet or share your posts
  • Be consistent, post on a daily , bi-weekly or weekly basis.
  • Pay attention at the times and days you post so you can get the most of your audience
  • Respond to comments
  • Use hashtags to your advantage



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  1. Jenny @ iDSadult
    Jenny @ iDSadult April 30, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Hello Rick, thanks for your comment. We can design any kind of layout you have in mind and then implement it on PornCMS.
    The system is very flexible and there are no limitations at all that will affect the final “look” of the site.

  2. Rick April 28, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    I have a very specific layout in mind, can be implemented with that system?
    I don’t want my site to look boring or same as any other.

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