Have a Hot Time in the Desert! Phoenix Forum is Coming!

Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Phoenix!

It’s almost that time! Time to get out of the cold, snowy weather for a lot of you, and into the land of sunshine, warm days and cool nights at The Phoenix Forum here in Phoenix. I have comprised a list of helpful tips to hopefully make your stay during TPF even more enjoyable.

1. The Tempe Mission Palms has a fitness room, but if you are looking for something a little more challenging, why not take a morning hike (or run if you are so inclined) up the “A” Mountain? It’s easy to get to from the hotel and will not only get your blood pumping, but give you a nice view at the top.

2. Take a walk and explore the shops in Downtown Tempe. Stop in for a bite to eat or a libation at places such as Postino Wine Café, RA Sushi Bar, Culinary Dropout, Mellow Mushroom or Mad Hatter Brew Pub.

3. Phoenix is sunny and you can get a nasty sunburn before you know it. Don’t forget to toss some sunscreen and SPF lip balm in to your bag when packing.

4. As sunny as it is during the day, when that sun drops, it can get chilly. Another item you will need is a lightweight sweater or jacket for the evening. Especially true for the ladies!

5. A lot of your time will be spent outdoors. Make sure you stay well hydrated by hitting the Break Stations for water throughout the day.


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