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Project Description

Check out this landing page template for web 2.0 sites! If you want a clean and easy to use site we have the perfect perfect landing page design for you. Not all of the online adult industry wants a website with graphics, animation and nude images. We can create clean and stylish online web pages to suit your individual needs. In fact, this example is perfect for web dating services. A simple, but effective system that allows for visitor sign up and mailing lists.Having a high quality web 2.0 landing page is crucial to having a successful interactive site. When your potential customer make contact with your site for the first time, you need to be able to convert them. Get them clicking with a well designed landing page. Simple and clean like this example or add some bells and whistles with RSS feeds and live action.

Think of a landing page as a commercial or movie trailer for your site. It’s your chance to tease your visitors with what you have to offer. The opportunity to convert visitors into paying members and frequent users. Our design team works closely with the marketing department to come up with a well designed web 2.0 landing page for each client’s individual needs. We focus on the product and target market, then design to suit.

Whether you want to work with one of our well designed landing page templates or you want a fully customized web 2.0 landing page, we can do it. Contact us to find out more!