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Project Description

Hot Asian sex symbol and Goddess Felicia Tang had us create a red hot member site for her. This site ranked among one of the best for the niche market of female Asian porn stars and she rocked it out.The design was created to show off her sultry, sexy and curvy look.

Her face just oozed sex appeal and she was a much sought after princess and porn star with legions of fans. Our designers, when they came up with the Felisha Tang paying membership design, kept pictures of her around for inspiration.


They loved her beautiful tits, tight round ass and luscious lips. The team worked hard to create a masterpiece that showed her off accordingly.

Felisha’s template site was created with all of the features that make a website effective at converting web traffic to paying customers.


It included a picture of the week (and what a smoking hot picture), free tour button, instant access button, picture gallery, video gallery, newsletter sign up, chat feature and so much more. The site was loaded with all the bells and whistles!

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felicia tang membershite site design