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Project Description

Designing a landing page takes on different forms with each individual client. The important factors to consider when designing a landing page are the product being marketed, how the site is going to be marketed, the target audience and the goals of the client. If the site is going to be marketed with a lot of short term campaigns like banner ads then creating an eye catching flash page is great. If you want to use some search engine optimization strategies then you want to go with something different.This particular landing page was designed to have readable text and a clean set up that is appealing to all spectrums of the adult model industry. The guys at Cover Models don’t just deal with nude models, but also fitness, lingerie and swimsuit models. This time they were on a quest to find the most beautiful faces and the hottest bodies to join their team. The model search was on and the landing page we were designing had to be something that didn’t have naked women plastered all over it. We decided to showcase their strength – Models on the cover of famous magazines!It was so simple it was brilliant! If you are trying to attract the hottest models who want to be on the cover of magazines then why not show them you can do it by having the pics? The site is simple, clean and appealing for all areas of adult modelling. With each and every client we analyse the product, the goals, and the marketing strategies to come u with the site design that best works.