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Project Description

Eye-catching landing page design

A site that appeals to the masses! We loved designing the landing page for Girly Gang Bang, a niche lesbian website that will rock your world. This one was easy to turn into a very successful landing page. The premise was to put a bunch of hot lesbians with strap-ons all over the place. It may look random, but believe me it’s not! We spent a lot of time and effort designing a page that would be full of high quality images of hot lesbian action without being too overwhelming for web traffic.

If you have a page that is too busy and confusing people click off of it quickly no matter what the content is. Our goal is to have a low bounce rate and high conversion rate for each website and landing page we design. I don’t think very many people can pass by this page without clicking on it. If you like girls, you’ll like this. It has real titties, fake titties, big titties, small titties, tight asses, strap-ons, dildos and lesbians fucking lesbians. It’s action packed!

How Long Does it Take to Make a Landing Page Design Like This?

Usually between 1 and 3 days. We work quickly, but never sacrifice the high quality we have come to be known for.

Will I Get the Landing Page Design Source Files When it’s Done?

Yes upon your request you can have them. In case you want to make any changes in the future you can get a copy of the source files.

A good and effective landing page design is crucial since it is the first page your surfers will see. The layout has to be optimized to get the highest converting rate possible.

Every time we create a new landing page design we like to start out by seeing what else is out there on the web. We’ll run through high-traffic landing page designs and keep researching the latest practices. We end up tweaking them and improving on what’s out there to stay ahead of the pack. If you are thinking of concepts for your landing page you might want to browse the top sites too. It can help you to see real examples when you start creating a layout for your landing page.

What is an Adult Landing Page?

Basically a landing page is a web page design that is highly optimized with the single purpose of sealing a deal once an adult targeted visitor hits your site. Great adult landing pages are crucial to any business selling products online.

The design of your landing page can make a huge difference to profits so we do not suggest taking a chance with cheap looking designs. Remember, the landing page is a portal to your paid member site or online adult merchant store. If you want that e-commerce business to take off you have to invest in effective web design.

All of your campaigns must have a unique landing page specifically designed for it. Most people do not click on links randomly. They need to be convinced to follow a link so that means people need to see what you are selling or promoting quickly and clearly. There is really never any good justification for using a landing page design that is not targeted for your adult niche. The whole point about your landing page design is that it needs to be tightly focused on a specific product for a specific audience. Your landing page design needs to look, feel and be professional in every sense of the word.

Surfers today can pick and choose from many sites as they compare and analyze what each one has to offer. They put your adult products and adult services up against others so you need to know your competitors well and more importantly get a sale whenever you have the opportunity! This is where a good Landing Page Design becomes critically important.

We always avoid the typical mistakes made by the inexperienced designers by following some simple guidelines:

  • A Landing page design lives or dies by the quality of the headline. It’s your two second window to overcome the swift and brutal attention filters we’ve developed due to information overload. Poorly designed headlines on your landing page will cause a high bounce rate.
  • Lose the clutter and create the cleanest landing page design possible when you want your audience to absorb and act on your message.
  • An effective adult landing page design asks for one specific action and that’s it. You need to clearly ask for one specific thing. This is a MUST for your landing page to convert well.

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