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Project Description

We have designed a good few paid membership adult entertainment sites. This was one of our earlier designs, but it can stand up to the test of time. We included images and video in one tightly combined package.

This one had a bit of flash to it. The client wanted to stick with darker colors in order to have some contrast with the girls and their light clothing. Some added HD effects really bring out the sultry lips on the the hot brunette. Who wouldn’t be enticed by that?

This particular layout was chosen based on the photo used. The picture was just to hot not to be used as center stage on this site. We designed a paying membership website with a virgin theme for this particular client.

It was tempting, but we didn’t want the picture front and center because it would just be too distracting. Having the image of a gorgeous, hot, sexy girl undoing her top could be too overpowering.

Look at those natural curves! It was clear we had to keep the image off to the side so visitors would be able to see the rest of the site.

Second thing you notice (when you can take your eyes off of the girl) is the flash video and the new models section beneath it. There are a whole lot of hot girls crammed into one space! Whatever your site is about, long legs, big breasts, Asian, Latino or Black porn, iDS Adult Outsourcing can design a site just as appealing for you.

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