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Project Description

Here is a very nice webcam landing page we designed to used utilized as a landing page for a webcam affiliate program.
This page is HTML responsive (works on desktop and mobile) and also can display different texts or images depending the IP.
The Chat screen is a fake chat j-query script that engages surfers to type with the models until a certain period of time and then they have to SIGN UP in order to log in.
Webcam landing pages are very useful to have better conversion rates with your current webcam traffic.

If you browse the web you will find out there are many different types of layouts and strategies used on the webcam niche.
It seems that these type of landing pages are the ones who works the best due to the interactions surfers have.

Also all the pictures can be set to rotate or be pre-recorded “mini-videos” which are hosted on the sponsor to avoid a huge load on your server.

Basically these types of landing pages will absolutely enhance your convert rates. You might want to have different ones so you can rotate them and see which ones work best for your traffic.

SEO & Traffic

It is very important to track your traffic. We highly advise you to add a Google Analytics code on each landing page so you can absolutely track every single click and therefore tweak your landing page.

Also having a Google Webmasters account is a must. This will help you track all your search queries on Google and also “clean up” any errors you might have on your current domain.

Another source of traffic for these Webcam Landing Pages would be to set up a Google Ad-words campaign. You would have to do this very careful because they are very strict with “dating-type” websites and nudity. So we suggest you to create another webcam landing page which is very “clean” and “mainstream” looking” and have that page linked to this one. That would be a way to “by pass”their filters and still get the Google Ad words traffic.

Webcam Landing Page

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Webcam Landing Page