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Looking for PHP Programmers to develop Adult Websites?

Contact us now and let us resolve the coding issues you have on your current websites. Here at iDSadult we offer a team of talented programmers that can develop specific PHP scripts or a full website backend for your adult related sites.
Have confidence in our expertise. Having worked in the adult industry since 2002, the xxx adult entertainment business is a competitive industry. Our team of PHP programmers are familiar with all the particular techniques related to this niche, and understand the types of sites they need to work with.

Our Programmers can perform the integration of templates and customize popular xxx adult scripts. During the past three years our programmers have been developing custom-made layouts and themes for lots of popular scripts.

Developing and CMS for and adult website from scratch can be very expensive so if you are planning on setting up a new paysite and are in need of an adult CMS script, we can offer a few tips before you invest in one.

  • Make a list of all the systems you have found and request a demo from each of them.
  • Do not only look at the features, check to see if the system has the features that you specifically require.
  • Research as to whether the system will allow you to grow your business and at what cost. Ask if there will be fees for adding new sites and if you have the ability to add new servers.
  • Find out what features are planned or are upcoming and whether there will be any additional cost to have these features added when they are available.

If you are looking for a full time programmer we can offer you a remote developer to work for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. All our guys have at least 5-10 years of experience in PHP programming. We do not hire juniors or intermediates.
He can work directly with you and will be available by Skype or at any IM of your preference. Communication is a MUST.

Offering you a huge selection of skills, look no further. Contact us at iDSadult now and let us solve all of your programming problems.