SMS mobile payments for membership and webcam websites

You can easily accept SMS payments for your membership or webcam website.
This means that anybody can buy a membership for your website by just sending an SMS message trough their mobile phone. This means that you will be able to convert better your traffic since your customers don’t need to rely on a credit card to pay for your membership fees or webcam minutes. It is super easy and the whole process takes 3 steps.
Due to the global coverage you can accept SMS payments from US,Europe ,South America and even some countries in Africa.

This billing solution is a great alternative for those who need to increase their sales since it’s super easy to install in your current site ( you can do it yourself, by adding just a piece of HTML code ) and you don’t have to pay any extra fees like in the regular credit card billers.
Here is how the form would look like in your website

Feel free to try the free demo here ( don’t be afraid you won’t be charged at all , you can use your own mobile phone to test how it works )

Contact us for more info and let us set up SMS mobile payments on your website right away!