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Jey P and his staff are great to work with. They are always careful to follow instructions and ensure that the product delivered is exactly what is expected. High quality and excellent pricing make them the perfect design company to work with. If you need design work done, you are missing out if you don’t use iDSADULT
Becky De Forest, ARS Revenue
It’s a pleasure working with Jey P and his team. They created my new job site at www.xindustryjobs.info.They are a very professional team to work with and they created the site on a very timely basis. As we all know sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of people that are doing work for you via the internet, this was definitely NOT the case with iDSAdult Outsourcing. I strongly recommend them for any design work that anyone might need. A two thumbs up to Jey and his design team!
Eddie K
We have worked with iDSadult for a long time and have always found the work to be of the highest standard, delivered on time and to budget, and always exceeding our expectations. They come highly recommended
One of the most crucial elements of a successful web presence is having reliable, responsive programmer and design support. In our 7 yrs in the business with our Adult network we have struggled to locate a team that can consistently represent our interests on a day to day basis. I am extremely pleased to say that idsadult.com has met our needs and exceeded our expectations. So much so that we have happily entered into a marketing joint venture with Jey and his team to promote several of our sites together.
My only reservation in proclaiming our satisfaction to the online community is that IDSadult will become so popular that they won’t have time for us. Just kidding. That’s the beauty of Jey P’s management style, he knows how to pace himself and keep his clients happy
Will Shepard
I have been dealing with Jey and the iDS team now for 6 months and have had nothing but a great experience! We hired a full time iDS programmers, have used there web design service several times, and have some other big upcoming projects we
will be using them for. I was really blown away with how great of a service they provided for the price… there work is top notch!! Will be sticking with iDS for everything we need.. Thanks Jey and iDS crew!!
Ben Langile
For my money, iDSadult is the best possible outsourcing option for adult webmasters. I reluctantly gave iDSadult a try after a disappointing month with another popular outsourcing company. What a difference! No language barriers, superior design work, quick delivery and prompt customer service immediately impressed me. I can’t believe I can get a highly-skilled designer for such a low price! These guys/girls rock! Give them a try; you’ll be happy you did!
I love working with IdsAdult.com. They deliver awesome designers, who make the best logo’s and lay-outs. I like the speed and quality of the designers. If I need something within a week, it usually is done within two or three days. We have three fulltime designers at the moment, which we have been working with for over a year now. Good stuff. Keep up the good work!
I decided to outsource employees to different companies about a year ago. From 4 companies that I hired people from, the best service I received was from iDSadult. They are knowledgeable, speak and understand English perfectly and they are the professionals in their jobs that they should be. I am pretty sure I will get more work done by IDS in the future. This fact impressed me most in day-to-day operations: while other outsourcing companies solve problems on a case to case basis with lengthy support-emails/tickets back and forth IDS’ professionalism and quality standards prevent most problems to happen in the first place. Thank you for being so good in your job
Michael Faxxaff
Working with iDSAdult has been a great experience. Jey P and his team provide world class design services and have always come through even in the most demanding jobs. With so many sub-par design houses competing for my business, very few of them can deliver work which meets my high expectations, but iDSAdult has never let me down
iDSadult came through for us after a number of bad experiences with international outsourcing. Great communication, speed and design. Easy to work with, flexible and conscientious. I barely had to think about the project after I gave it to Jey P. The work was done and looking great before I even had time to start worrying

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