What is performance-driven marketing?

performance-chartAfter spending nearly 15 years in the field of performance-driven marketing, I have “doubled down” on digital marketing analytics, or in other words implementing the technology and platforms to unearth what is working (and what isn’t) in your marketing efforts.

The 80/20 rule tells us roughly 20% of any activity produces 80% of the results; the trouble is, which 20%.  This is what I help people find.

I am Google and Adobe Analytics certified and have vast experience creating and implementing data-driven marketing systems.

The perfect client for me would be a company spending money on marketing but wanting (or needing) to be more efficient and effective in their efforts.  They probably have Google Analytics installed on their site but haven’t spent the time to configure it for real insights (content categorization, visitor segmentation, traffic attribution, etc.).

These tools are powerful but only when they are configured to track events important to the individual business’ success.

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